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Direct operated valves

Direct operated valves

incorporate a temperature sensor inside the valve, and operate independently of external power supplies.

Electrically operated valves

Electrically operated valves

are powered by an external electric actuator, with control provided by a separate electronic control unit, and temperature sensing by resistance thermometer.

Pneumatically operated valves

Pneumatically operated valves

are powered by an external pneumatic actuator, with control provided by a pneumatic controller with external temperature sensing.

Gas operated valves

Gas operated valves

are designed to control refrigerant gas pressures – and hence the temperature of refrigerated or air-conditioned areas – in marine systems in which the condenser is cooled by sea water.


Valve Handings

Handing Li

Handing LI

HandingR i

Handing RI

Handing Lb

Handing LB


Handing RB

Handing Lc

Handing LC

Handing Rc

Handing RC



Temperature Control Valves

Walton temperature control systems are used wherever fluid temperature control is vital - in industrial, power generation and marine applications. The accurate temperature control they provide plays a significant role in reducing both operating and maintenance costs. The systems have gained a reputation for reliability, robust operation and minimal maintenance requirements, based on sound engineering and proven design.

The UK's Royal Navy and other navies have relied on Walton systems for over 40 years, and many of the original valves are still operational. Walton systems are also used by leading diesel engine, steam and gas turbine manufacturers.

The key benefits of Walton valves are:

  • Compact design
  • Robust construction
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Manual over-ride
  • Six possible handings
  • Minimal pressure loss
  • Temperature ranges 0-100°C

Walton valves have a number of different actuation methods: direct, pneumatic, electric or gas operation; see the appropriate section for details.

They are also available in a wide variety of materials including:

  • Gunmetal
  • Cast Iron
  • Cast Iron (Nylon Coated)
  • SG (Ductile) Iron
  • Cast Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Aluminium Bronze

Sizes range from 25mm (1") bore to 350mm (14") diameter.

Of a distinctive three port design, valves can be installed with either two inlet ports (mixers) or with one inlet and two outlet ports (diverters). In operation, the valve automatically proportions the flow of a coolant between the cooler and the by-pass according to the positioning of a flow-control mechanism. An important feature is the ability to ‘hand’ the valve: this provides maximum flexibility for designers in selecting the orientation which bests suits the pipework arrangement.

Manual control at the valve is a standard feature of most Walton valves.

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